MTCA is a wonderful organization — everyone we have been put in contact with has been fabulous, from the master classes to the mock audition to the student/parent panel to the many emails and private coaching… you helped me so much in navigating these waters with my daughter. I am now a proud survivor of the 2016 MT application-prescreen-audition-college visit-decision making process… CAN’T WAIT TO GET ME SOME ORANGE!!!

Faith Caban, mother of Stephanie Garofalo, Syracuse MT ’20

Thank you to Leo Ash Evens and Ellen Lettrich for meeting with me and introducing me to my two incredible coaches who just about saved my life. Allison Spratt Pearce thank you for finding me the funniest, most “me” monologue there is, for giving me the confidence boosts I needed when I needed them ?, and redefining the way I approach acting. Anne L. Nathan thank you for embracing and fueling my sassiness to find me an INCREDIBLE audition song that was seriously the best ever.

Jessica Morilak, Manhattan School of Music MT ’20

Thanks to Ryan Quinn, Anne L. Nathan, Ellen Lettrich, and Leo Ash Evens I have been able to find an amazing school and I couldn’t be more excited!! Without all of your help I honestly don’t know if I would have survived these past several months. A special thank you to Ryan and Anne for being exceptional coaches and helping me to become, I feel like, a much better a more prepared performer!!!

Rachel Sobol, Texas Christian MT ’20

Joining MTCA was the best decision of my life. I have made so many new friends and great memories because of it. My coaches believed in me and gave me their time and support, as well as awesome audition material! They helped me not only prepare for college auditions but grow as an artist as well. Every session was a joy– I prepared for college auditions and worked hard, but also never forgot why I love performing in the first place, and for that I am beyond grateful. I am so excited to be going to my top choice school and couldn’t have done it without MTCA!!

Westley Strausman, Pace MT ’20

I’ve been asked by many parents if I felt using a group like MTCA was worth it…I’m not sure how we would have faired without it.  MTCA broke this process down into very manageable pieces which really helped us to manage the stress level.  Having a very invested third party involved that was guiding the process allowed me to just be Mom and provide the other supports my son needed, like nutrition and an antibiotic during Unifieds! Most importantly, Cormac felt very prepared and entered the audition process from a real position of strength.

Mary-Catherine Bohan, mother of Cormac Bohan, Syracuse Acting ’19

I just finished my third (yes third!) time having a child go through the college process with MTCA. I am an educator, and I run a school. I am not easily impressed by people claiming to be college experts and am not easily impressed by all teachers as hiring, firing and inspiring teachers is what I do for a living. From our first meeting I knew that we had stumbled upon our guardian angels. Every kid matters at MTCA.  My daughters’ and son’s coaches held them to high standards, made them stretch to exceed what they even believed possible, and did it with kindness and compassion that made my kids feel understood and supported. I always felt that we got more than what we paid for with coaching sessions.  If you are looking for educators who care about your child as an artist and as a person and who will go the extra mile, MTCA is your right fit!

Anne Josephson, mother of Mataya Josephson, Pace MT ’19

MTCA was without a doubt, the best decision I made when it came to preparing for my college audition process. Applying to college is hard enough, and auditioning for a theater program is even more challenging. If it wasn’t for MTCA, I would not be the performer I am today. Every lesson that I went to was filled with so much positivity. I always left with a smile on my face and a game plan as to how I could improve for the next time. MTCA give ample opportunities to practice your material in front of groups in masterclasses and mock auditions, and in doing so allows you to meet other people who are just as passionate about theater as you are.  MTCA helped me believe that I was good enough to be successful, and now I’m going to my dream school!

Lauren Echausse, Penn State MT ’19

It’s hard to put into words how much MTCA has changed my life over the past year. With their help, I accomplished so much more than I ever could have imagined.  They helped me choose original material that not only perfectly showcased my individuality and artistic potential, but more importantly, that I loved.  Next year, I’ll be studying Musical Theatre at the University of Michigan with four other MTCA kids in my class, and I believe that number speaks for itself.  I could not be more thankful for this remarkable company of teachers and mentors.

Peter Klein, Michigan MT ’19

Even as a household with 15 years of experience working on Broadway, we quite simply could not imagine going through the crazy, intense college audition season without the expert, reassuring guidance of MTCA! Their detailed knowledge of the MT programs and faculty combined with a realistic assessment of my son’s strengths helped us through the daunting task of building a balanced college list.  The fantastic coaches met our needs every step of the way, right when we needed it – the line-up of coaching, master classes, mock auditions and dance classes was like a road map to success.  We are so happy with his results!

Sheila and Jonathan Smith, parents of Ian Smith, Ithaca MT ’18

I truly do not know how I could’ve done this college audition process without MTCA. The coaching was top-notch. All of my coaches truly cared about my artistic perspective and I grew as an artist and a person working with them. The knowledge of everyone was extremely helpful when it came to choosing what schools to apply to and offering advice on the programs I was accepted to. MTCA really give you the foundation to be as successful as you want to be. I am forever grateful for my time with MTCA.

Austin Pogrob, Cincinnati-CCM MT ’20