MTCA Exclusive Auditions

MTCA Exclusive Auditions

MTCA Exclusive Auditions

MTCA is fortunate to have relationships with competitive acting and musical theater programs. Our 2022/2023 students were offered exclusive access to multiple private auditions.

Private Auditions

At our 2022 Private Audition Weekend Indiana, Oklahoma, Shenandoah, and Webster held private auditions for MTCA Students only. Our students had many great audition experiences and acceptances from their participation in this weekend.

Our Private Audition Weekend for MTCA students in New York City is December 16th and 17th of 2023! Schools to be announced soon.

In 2023, MTCA also continued the tradition of our private audition with Baldwin-Wallace. This continues to be a great success as several students were accepted and are attending again this year.

We are thrilled to have Baldwin Wallace back in 2024!

Walk-In Auditions

MTCA offers complimentary access to private online “walk-in” auditions without needing to apply to the school ahead of time.  Successfully, students were accepted from these auditions, and many of our 2023 students fell in love during their auditions and have decided to attend!   Last year we had over 30 acceptances offered to MTCA students.  

Walk-in Auditions for 2023 will be announced soon!

Private In-Person Prescreens

In the Fall we offer Private In-Person Prescreen Auditions in New York City! This allows the auditors to work with you, interact with you, and give you MTCA visibility. Past participating schools include Oklahoma City and Indiana.

In-Person Prescreens for 2023 will be announced soon!

Registration coming soon!

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We can’t wait to see you there!