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Expert preparation for college musical theater and acting program auditions.

MTCA draws upon 25 years of experience to guide and support you through the rigorous college acting or musical theatre application and audition process. We work with you to create a personalized coaching plan based on your individual needs and goals. You will receive one-on-one coaching and guidance through the entire process from your own personal team of expert teaching artists.

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It can be challenging for students auditioning for college Musical Theatre Programs to balance their preparation while maintaining their own authenticity.  MTCA coaches are able to help in all areas of audition preparation including choice of appropriate material, proper vocal technique and mock dance calls allowing each student to present their best unique self in every audition.

Victoria Bussert, Director of Music Theatre, Baldwin Wallace University

I could not have had a successful college audition season without MTCA. Leo perfectly selected my coaches for me, and I received intense, personalized training that exceeded all of my expectations. I did not leave a single audition feeling that I was ill-prepared. When you sign up with MTCA, make sure to take advantage of the mock auditions, and guest workshops. The friends you make and experiences you gain will help you get through this difficult, but rewarding, process. MTCA is now my family and I am forever grateful.

Mary Stewart Sullivan, Webster Acting ’24

I can only express pure gratitude and love for my relationship with MTCA.  I found a community of mentors that never disappointed me, and who were always there to lend a helping hand that never, EVER, seemed artificial or obligated, and I was never hesitant to ask for help from any member of my team. I learned the value of community, and embraced the influence of a crowd of smiling professionals waiting to guide you to the next step. This next step at the Juilliard School doesn’t seem too scary anymore considering I know I will always have an entire army waiting to catch me when I fall, or if I just need a family to check in with. I love my new family, and cannot wait to share my next endeavors with the people who have gifted me the tools to experience them.

Alexia Pores, Juilliard Acting ’22

We are so proud to have Ryan as a MTCA alum! We could not have gotten through this without all of you to guide us through the process and to help Ryan from the start with his selections and his training. From the first meeting with Leo to chart a strategy to the awesome training with Ryan’s great coaches certainly led Ryan to NYU – the program that was at the top of his list from the start in his favorite city in the world. The practical training with the summer workshops (including his first opportunity to perform for and meet with NYU) and mock auditions were especially important and Ryan could not have gotten that experience anywhere else. As you know talent is absolutely important, but the confidence when absolutely ready really shows. And Ryan was ready and confident in every audition. Thank you!

Scott Wasserman (Father of Ryan), NYU Tisch ’24

In the last year I’ve grown so much as an artist and with the help of MTCA, I’ve been able to make my dreams more of a reality. Through coachings and mocks, I was more than prepared to take college auditions head on and I’m grateful that they were there every step of the way.

Anthony Littlepage-Buggs, North Carolina School of the Arts Acting ’24

MTCA provides the highest quality of professional audition preparation. Beyond this, it is the overwhelming generosity of each student experiences when working with the team of coaches that encourages them to be kind and courageous artists. It is this fundamental quality that give the student ability to sustain a long, healthy and happy career.

Kenneth Noel Mitchell, Head of Musical Theatre, USC

MTCA was the biggest blessing I had throughout this process. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with top notch coaches and getting to meet the other amazingly talented students. This process was not easy at all but knowing I had my coaches to turn to for anything I needed was extremely helpful. As soon as I met my coaches they knew who I was and what my strengths were and it gave me a great deal of confidence going into the college audition process. Not to mention before the process started MTCA helped me create a balanced list of schools with so many amazing schools I didn’t even have on my radar. Including the one I will be attending! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Asha Houston, DePaul Acting ’23

We are so grateful to MTCA for all the love, support, education and encouragement. I don’t know how this amazing team was selected for Clare but we are so fortunate that they are in her life. As for the larger MTCA experience, the tangibles and intangibles that Clare (and I) got from masterclasses and mocks were invaluable. Clare gained enormous confidence and an increased comfort level during both experiences. During auditions, she regularly said, she couldn’t imagine what a mess she would have been without mocks.

MC Brennan (Mother of Clare Brennan), Minnesota Guthrie Acting ’24

MTCA has been more than a coaching program for me. It’s been a backbone, a shoulder to lean on, a guide through this crazy process, and a support system that is incomparable to anything else. I wouldn’t be the performer, nor the person I am today without all my experiences from MTCA. I am so excited for what is to come!

Kathryn Fugazy, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts Acting ’23

Simply put:  Thank you MTCA for all you have done to make Adam’s dream come true.  Carnegie Mellon has been Adam’s golden ticket and with all of your help he has this amazing opportunity. MTCA has given Adam outstanding and meaningful direction, confidence, skills, advice, training, and a community of his peers to help him through this daunting process. Your team is successful because you all guide the students with kindness and humanity and lead by example.  If you are considering consulting MTCA to help your child through the college audition process…run and begin as soon as possible.

Ellen Brett (Mother of Adam Brett), Carnegie Mellon Acting ’22

Every aspiring young artist with MTCA not only has a mentor for navigating and preparing them for college auditions, but also support throughout their journey while in school and their careers.  The team cares during and beyond the college audition process.   From audition pre-screens to the final call back audition, the MTCA instructors will have students prepared and filled with confidence at their auditions and help guide them toward their dreams.

Robin Lewis, Professor, Rider University
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