Spring College Faculty Masterclass Weekend

Share your skills with some of the most competitive colleges and impressive theatre faculty in the country!

This weekend of masterclasses takes you and your audition material to the next level. Held online via Zoom, everyone can participate — no matter your location!

This important step in your college audition preparation gives you the opportunity to:

  • Receive valuable coaching and training directly from college faculty members you might audition for your senior year.
  • These accomplished teachers are not only great educators to connect with, they are passionate about helping MTCA students grow artistically. These are not auditions.
  • Connect with other eager students who share the same passions for theater that you do.
  • Meet with MTCA student and parent alumni and gain “been there, done that” inside tips and support.

Spring is when it begins.

Start building your competitive edge and shine for the college faculty master teachers before you record your required prescreen submissions later in the year.

“Masterclass Weekend gave me an opportunity to receive feedback from a variety of professional voices, including a professor from the very college I am now attending!  I cannot imagine going through the college process without the support of the wonderful people at MTCA.  Thank you for helping me grow into the actor and person I am today.”


MTCA Class of ’21
NYU Class of ’25

Spring 2022 Participating Schools

“I always LOVE working with MTCA students and staff! 

The students are so happy and excited to learn. It brings me the most joy when I meet and work with the students at MTCA and then become their teacher when they attend Boston Conservatory!

You can’t go wrong attending this program.”


Head, Musical Theater Dance 
Director, Musical Theater Dance Intensive 

“I absolutely love teaching the MTCA students!
They are open-minded, curious, and game for anything. I know that whatever style of dance or movement I bring to the workshop the students will jump in with both feet. They are fearless! And kind. And professional. I just can’t say enough good things about my interactions with the entire MTCA crew over the years.
They are the most amazing humans and the work they do on behalf of the students is truly exceptional.”


Associate Professor of Dance

“I have loved working with MTCA.
They do a stellar job preparing students for their upcoming auditions.  The leadership is a group of top-notch professionals with clear expertise, impeccable organization, and insight.  The students I worked with were talented, curious, enthusiastic, and extremely well prepared. 
I had a wonderful time coaching them, learning about them, giving audition advice, and answering questions about our program. Truly a highlight of my summer.”


Assistant Professor, Acting


Spring College Faculty Masterclass Weekend

ONLINE via Zoom

Thursday, May 26 through Sunday, May 29, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Musical Theater and Acting Tracks?

Depending on which you choose, you’ll be able to participate in:

ACTOR TRACK: 4 monologue classes

Musical Theater TRACK: 4 monologue OR song classes and 2 dance classes

Are there any artistic minimums to participate?

Yes. Participants must have completed at least 2 hrs of artistic coachings on the piece they will perform.  This DOES NOT include an hour of song/monologue selection, but FRAMEWORK (the second hour of coaching after a piece is chosen) does count toward one hour of artistic coaching.  To participate in Dance Class you must have had a Dance Assessment. (This does not include a dance consult.)

What should I prepare?

For song masterclasses: A 32 bar cut of a song as well as a track for accompaniment. Any style. For monologue masterclasses: A monologue not to exceed 2 mins in length. Any style.

Who are the faculty who will be teaching class?

John Simpkins, Penn State (Head of Musical Theatre)
Michael McElroy, Univ of Michigan (Head of Musical Theatre)
Catherine Moore, Carnegie Mellon (Head of Drama)
Eric Santagata, CCM (Head of Musical Theatre)
Michelle Chassé, Boston Conservatory (Dance Professor)
Kiira Schmidt Carper, Syracuse (Dance Professor)

*All classes are non-refundable and non-transferable

Have questions?

Email us at admin@mtcollegeauditions.com.