Mapping the College Audition podcast

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In mid-May, we’ll be launching “Mapping The College Audition”, a podcast designed to explore the landscape of the College Theater world and demystify the daunting audition process.

Hosted by MTCA Director Charlie Murphy, this podcast will not be your typical “How To” but a look at the diverse perspectives on the process to help you build YOUR map to success.

From deep dives with program heads and faculty from across the country to conversations with successful artists from a number of different paths, this podcast is for emerging artists of all ages (and the families who are along for the journey!).

Whether you’re beginning to consider a college theater education, currently pursuing your degree, or starting to make your way in the world of showbiz, this podcast is for you.

“Mapping The College Audition” is proud to be an official podcast of the Broadway Podcast Network.

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