Benefits of MTCA

Benefits of MTCA

MTCA offers a number of perks that are exclusive to our students, from access to exclusive auditions to complimentary in-person and virtual support throughout your process, from just starting out through making your final decision and beyond into your career!

Benefits of MTCA

MTCA gives you access to many artistic, organizational, and networking benefits including:

  • Complimentary Warm-Ups at NYC, Chicago, LA and Pittsburgh Unifieds 
  • Complimentary Green Room with MTCA Directors and Coaches to celebrate, digest, and refresh students in between their auditions in all 4 Unified cities
  • Complimentary End-of-Year Consults to discuss and review acceptances, share guidance on school programs, and help articulate your goals
  • Our coaches’ on-going meaningful relationships with college faculty members and industry professionals allow you to receive the best college prep guidance in the business
  • Inclusion in private Student and Parent Facebook Groups to get support, tips, and updates from the MTCA Community
  • Supplemental resources for all your audition needs including headshot and resume prep, discounts on headshots/videography sessions, and more
  • Our podcast, which features interviews with College Faculty about the specific details of their programs, and interviews with working Artists (including many Broadway Stars/Tony Winners!) about their paths to success from college to industry success.
  • Our blog, which features advice from our Directors and Coaches on many different aspects of this process and career
  • Long-lasting community and mentorship that extends beyond the audition process and into your professional career
  • Access to our MTCA Private Audition Weekend
  • Access to additional privately scheduled Auditions (both Walk-In and applied) exclusive to MTCA students

Additionally, our collaborative, a la carte offerings allow you to fit MTCA into your process however you see fit. We can help you comprehensively, or fill in the gaps based on what your schedule and budget allow! We offer package options for your convenience, or you can pay-as-you-go as best meets your needs.

MTCA Exclusive Auditions

Private Auditions

These private auditions are for MTCA Students only. Our students had many great audition experiences and acceptances from their participation in our Private Audition Weekend.

Schools in attendance for our 2023 Private Audition Weekend for Class of 2024 MTCA students were Florida State University, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Webster.

Our Private Audition Weekend for MTCA Class of 2025 students will be in New York City from December 13th to 15th, 2024!

MTCA also hosts individual private auditions with Baldwin Wallace MT and Shenandoah Acting and MT. Each year, these are a great success as several students are accepted and attend each year.

Class of 2025 Individual Private Audition Dates will be announced soon.

Walk-In Auditions

MTCA offers complimentary access to private online “walk-in” auditions without needing to apply to the school ahead of time. In 2024, many of our students were accepted from these Walk-In auditions, and some fell in love and decided to attend!

Walk-in Auditions for 2025 will be announced soon!

Private In-Person Prescreens

In the Fall we offer Private In-Person Prescreen Auditions in New York City! This allows the auditors to work with you, interact with you, and give you MTCA visibility. Past participating schools include Oklahoma City and Indiana.

In-Person Prescreens for 2024 will be announced soon!

Unified Auditions

Unifieds Green Room & Warm-Ups

Our coaches are on-site at every Unifieds audition location cheering our students on! We offer a free warm-up and special green room access that give you the most comfortable audition experience possible.